Cat Man Batwing-Sleeves Sweater


April 21, 2014


June 14, 2014


June 30, 2014

Very nice Ambient album right here. It’s calming.

She swayed back and forth thinking about when her dreams would take flight. All alone she dangled from the old chandeliers not afraid of the fall.

piece I finished last night.

Crom Cruach’s biggest fear was Aisling’s mother. He had to exterminate her and everything she stood for… As he killed her people little did he know she had kept her daughter named Aisling in hiding. She was to carry on in her foot steps to lead Brendon on the right path. She bestowed the white wolf to help guide her. 

This song is hard hitting on a personal level. I didnt expect such a song from Adam. Im glad he wrote it.


"Tearful" by Christina K


Madness is Genius by Veiled-Beauty